Episode 5- I’m A Real Bartender!

In this episode Chanel and Meagan interview Zack Chatterton, a fellow Patron Hacienda compadre. They talk about what it is like to be a family man in the restaurant industry, bartender vs. mixologist, and their experience in Guadalajara.

Episode 3- Can I Curse?

In this Episode Chanel and Meagan interview Jourdain Blanchette, the owner of Sidecar Social Club. They talk about how to develop a cocktail menu, robot bartenders, and owning a bar with your significant other.

Instagram: sidecar_social_club

Episode 2- Make Social Media Social Again

In this episode Meagan and Chanel interview Sid Pearce, a social media consultant in Phoenix. They discuss balancing a career, being a service industry weekend warrior, and how to be more mindful with social media.

Instagram: sid.pearce

Website: https://www.lackofinfluence.com/