Episode 11- You Don't Know What You Don't Know

In this episode Chanel and Meagan interview Ian Nelssen the Director of Spirits for Quench Fine Wines. They discuss his unique journey into the world of booze, acknowledging intimidation, and the importance of continuing education.

Instagram: iannelssen

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Episode 10- Ya Know What? F*@k Cocktails!

In this episode Meagan and Chanel interview a crowd favorite bartender, Keifer Gilbert. They discuss what it is like guest bartending, staying humble, and being a new dad.

Instagram: keifermadness & keiferdadness

Episode 9- 2019 Year Of The Whiskey

In this episode Chanel and Meagan interview Kirti Dwivedi a digital marketer and cocktail connoisseur. They discuss different cocktail scenes across the United States, Arizona Cocktail Weekend, and how bartenders can also be your saviors.

Instagram: @boozemafia

Website: http://www.diyamarketing.com/

Episode 8- Work Hard Mom Hard

In this episode Meagan and Chanel interview Katrina Mendoza a single mother of two boys. They discuss giving back to your regulars, severs vs. bartenders, and what it is like being a driven female bartender.

Episode 7- I’m Gonna Leave My Ice Scoop In Ya A$$hole

In this episode Chanel and Meagan have Lennon Gregory help co-host with them. They discuss pet peeves behind the bar and on the floor (both guest and co-worker related). Catching guests cheat on their significant others, manly vs. feminine drinks, and the art of being awkward.

Instagram: lennons_and_things

Episode 5- I’m A Real Bartender!

In this episode Chanel and Meagan interview Zack Chatterton, a fellow Patron Hacienda compadre. They talk about what it is like to be a family man in the restaurant industry, bartender vs. mixologist, and their experience in Guadalajara.

Episode 3- Can I Curse?

In this Episode Chanel and Meagan interview Jourdain Blanchette, the owner of Sidecar Social Club. They talk about how to develop a cocktail menu, robot bartenders, and owning a bar with your significant other.

Instagram: sidecar_social_club

Episode 2- Make Social Media Social Again

In this episode Meagan and Chanel interview Sid Pearce, a social media consultant in Phoenix. They discuss balancing a career, being a service industry weekend warrior, and how to be more mindful with social media.

Instagram: sid.pearce

Website: https://www.lackofinfluence.com/